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We are seeking volunteers to help us out during the event (April 29 & 30, 2023).

As a token of appreciation, volunteers who have completed their assigned shift will receive a nominal gift certificate which they can use to shop at the booths at the fair.


Positions to Fill

General Help & Greeting

  • Help set up banners.
  • Show vendors to their booth if they can’t find it.
  • Greet visitors at the entrance.
  • Direct VIP ticket holders to the designated booth to pick up their gift bag. No ticket scanning and no sales.
  • Use our clicker to count the number of incoming visitors.

Photos, Videos & Facebook

  • Take pictures and videos during the event. We need images of crowds, booths, products, exhibitors, visitors shopping, the venue… You can use your cell phone. A camera is not required if you don’t have one. Just need a good eye for nice visuals! All photos and videos will be uploaded to a designated Google Drive.
    *All photos and videos will be copyright-free for our use. 
  • Take one of your photos and post it in a relevant Facebook groups (i.e. Vegan Montreal, or Végane Montreal, etc. ) to share the event.